Our Programs

Our Programs

Affordable Housing Program

Credit Repair/Budgeting
Certified counselors will review your financial situation, your income, expenses, budget, & your debts and educate you on the options available to you.  This program helps individuals understand their credit report, improve their credit score and assist you in solving credit problems.

N.C. Foreclosure Prevention FundTM

The N.C. Foreclosure Prevention FundTM helps North Carolina homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments due to job loss or temporary financial hardship. For qualified homeowners, the Fund can provide an interest-free loan of up to $36,000 to pay your mortgage and other related expenses for up to 36 months while you search or retrain for new employment. The loan can also be used to bring your mortgage current. If you are currently employed but have a second mortgage that is unaffordable because of a prior job loss or reduced income, the Fund offers an interest-free loan of up to $30,000 to pay off your second mortgage.

We offer the Fund in partnership with the N.C. Housing Finance Agency using funds from the U.S. Treasury. The Fund provides assistance at no cost to you. For more information, visit http://www.ncforeclosureprevention.org

Housing Counseling

MERCY Business Training & Development Center

National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program
Certified counselors assist you with options available to help you save your home from foreclosure. The program continues to help homeowners facing foreclosure by providing them with loss mitigation counseling.

Rehab And New Construction Homes Available

Rental Program
Let the WCIA Staff assist you with your rental needs. We offer 2 & 3 bedrooms houses usually with central heat/air, appliances, and affordable rental payments. We accept section 8 vouchers. Call today!

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Reverse mortgage counseling is a free service offered to educate you about reverse mortages, inform you of alternative options available, and to assist you in determining which particular reverse mortgage product best fits your needs.

A reverse mortgage is a loan secured by home equity providing cash advances to a borrower and requiring no repayment until the last surviving borrower dies, sells or moves.  All borrowers must be at least 62 years old, occupy the home as their principal resident residence, and must have a relatively small amount of debt against the property (typically no more than half the value of the property).

The Senior Center

Wilson County Individual Development Account (IDA)
You save…We match! (up to 4:1 match) The IDA program is designed to assist individuals with the purchase of their first home. Selected participants are required to complete certain requirements. Space is limited. Call today to schedule your appointment.