The Senior Center

“A Home Away From Home”
Offering programs and services to all Senior Citizens.

The purpose of the Wilson Senior Center is to remove all older adults from a life of isolation, loneliness, despair, and place them back into the mainstream of life by:

  1. Providing onsite services and activities;
  2. link resources offered by other agencies; and
  3. providing an atmosphere that acknowledges the value of human life and affirms the dignity and self-worth of the older adult. Wilson Community Improvement Association (WCIA) believes that every Senior Citizen should have the right to a decent income, adequate health care, acceptable housing, recreation and socialization programs.

The Wilson Community Improvement Association, Inc. (WCIA) believes that every Senior Citizen should have the right to a decent income, adequate healthcare, acceptable housing, recreation, and socialization programs.

Services Provided

Congregate Meals
Well balanced, nutritional meal is offered 5 days/week at noon. Prepared by Certified Dietician.

Offered to and from the Senior Center and to other agencies, doctors, and to pay bills

Case Management
A systematic process of service planning, monitoring, advocacy, negotiation, and follow-up to properly meet the multiple needs of the older adult.

Telephone Reassurance Calls
Volunteers call older adults to check on their well being.

Friendly Visits
Volunteers provide time and services to homebound citizens and nursing homes.

Information & Referral Outreach
To guide/direct older adults to appropriate persons for assistance with identified needs.

Computer Lab & Training
Computers are internet accessible. Assistance/training sessions provided for basic use and e-mail needs. Mavis Beacon Typing program also available for use. Open Daily 8am – 4pm.

Apartments for the elderly and handicapped are managed by HUD accredited Real Estate Firm.

Recreation & Socialization
Athletic events are held for fun and fellowship. Winners can qualify for state games.

Community Services
Lectures, counseling guidance, and educational programs are offered.

Legal Service
Assistance in obtaining help with legal services, living wills, wills, and leases.

Center Activities

Health & Wellness

Aerobics: Low to moderate impact workouts designed for older adults led by certified instructor.

Chair Exercise: Low impact chair-based exercises. Using toning and strengthening movements.

Exercising For Your Health: Access to treadmills, weight bench, steppers, and stationary machines. Open form 8am-4pm.

Foot Care Clinic: Basic foot care needs: washing; massaging the feet, trimming the nails, buff corns and calluses, doctor referral. Program is provided under the care of registered nurse.

Blood Pressure Screening: Health Care professionals check your blood pressure. Results are recorded and given to clients.

Diabetic Testing: Monthly testing by a qualified RN at the center for Diabetics and non-diabetics. Results are recorded and given to a clients.

Health And Wellness: Informational Sessions and Workshops promoting healthy eating, the value of exercise, safety, good medication practices, nutrition education classes and cardiovascular/heart care.

Social Activities

Cut Your Spending: (Wednesday) Need a ride to get personal or home items? We’ll take a ride together while shopping & fellowship with other seniors.

Arts & Crafts: learn and share crafting ideas. Your can also bring and work on personal projects.

Music & Drama: If you like to sing, write poetry, or just listen to others then come out to fellowship with us. This group is also participates in other musical events.

Birthday/Hospitality Club: Celebrate birthdays with parties, send out birthday cards, and promote the Senior Prom.

Dominos Team: Players teach others how to play the game. Provides fellowship and fun.

Weekly Bible Study: Weekly Bible Study, builds character and moral values.

B-I-N-G-O: Come out and play for fun. Enjoy fellowship and win prizes.